Startup maximization

The Bay Area has some unique Mental Health needs.  We are a place of incredibly successful, innovative people, including those in the realm of software and technology, who are often putting in 14 or 16 hour days, striving to create new technologies and successful businesses. The stress and anxiety of running a start-up can be huge. It impacts not only ones mental and physical health, but also friendship and family relationships. Both success and failure in the startup business realm each create important psychological challenges--and opportunities. 
Recent reports from The New York Times and NPR examine the potential advantages of couples therapy for startup co-founders. These articles rightly suggest that marriages and startups have a lot of similarities and can often fail for the same reasons—including lack of communication, different desires for the future, and unclear roles and responsibilities.
I am a therapists who is aware of these pitfalls and oppotunities and will help you more successfully maneuver through them. Individual therapy can be helpful for individuals to better cope with and maximize their efforts in the the startup environment and dyadic therapy can provide startup cofounders the space to air grievances, to address perceived slights, and to recommit to each other, the work, and the startup.